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Porocel 's actiCAT® Shield℠ Allows Immediate Startup of Cracked Feeds


(Houston, March 23, 2015) --- Porocel International, LLC, today introduced its actiCAT® ShieldSM catalyst pretreatment technology that presulfurizes and protects catalysts from the damaging effects of olefins and aromatics found in cracked feeds.
"The actiCAT® ShieldSM process is based on technology unique to Porocel,” said Peter Douvry, Porocel’s business development manager. “We’ve combined our well-respected, 20-year old presulfurization technology with a process that moderates catalyst hyperactivity to protect against rapid deactivation caused by the early introduction of coker/LCO components. The end result is the avoidance of toxic sulfiding agents, no temperature holds, no dry-out steps and no delay in introducing cracked feeds.”
Pilot plant studies conducted by Porocel demonstrated catalyst treated with actiCAT® ShieldSM technology and started without a break-in period showed equivalent or better activity than samples sulfided in situ with three-day straight run conditioning.
The actiCAT® ShieldSM process is available worldwide through Porocel’s facilities in North America, Europe and Asia.


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Peter Douvry    
Business Development Manager  
Tel: 281.469.8555   
Email: PDouvry@porocel.com

Press Release 3/23/2015

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