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Porocel Presents Technical Paper At BRIMSTONE SULFUR SYMPOSIUM - Vienna, May 2015


Porocel was selected to present a technical paper at the renowned Brimstone sulfur conference to be held in Vienna, Austria, May 18-22. The paper, titled "Catalyst Bed Rules of Thumb and When to Break Them", highlights some aspects of SRU catalysis that must be taken into account for the design of new Claus converters as well as the operation of existing units, by examining pilot plant performance testing of several types of Claus catalysts, as well as real data from operating units. The topics reviewed include catalyst activity and bed design, pressure drop through catalyst beds, and optimization of catalyst bed operating temperature.






For a copy of the paper presented, or further information on Porocel's sulfur recovery catalysts, please contact your local Porocel representative or visit us at porocel.com.



Conventional wisdom based on many years of operating and design experience can be reduced to a few very simple guidelines for designing Claus reactor beds. These "rules of thumb" were developed early in the history of modified-Claus sulfur recovery – are they still valid considering today’s processing requirements and available catalysts? We review and analyze several design and operational rules of thumb pertaining to Claus catalyst beds, taking into account modern catalyst and plant performance testing data, laboratory study results, and general operational experience. We also review available catalyst types (conventional alumina, titania, low-temperature titania, and others) and the role that catalyst selection plays in bed design.

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