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Porocel to Introduce New Excel℠ Rejuvenation Technology at the Global Refining & Petrochemicals Conference – New Delhi July 2015


 Porocel will give a presentation at the Global Refining & Petrochemicals Conference to be held in New Delhi, India, July 1-3. The presentation, titled “ExcelSM Rejuvenation restores hydrotreating catalyst activity to near fresh,” introduces Porocel’s new patented process to restore catalytic activity of many hydrotreating catalysts to greater than 95% of fresh. The discussion will also highlight Porocel’s technical service capabilities and our ”full reactor loading” platform  for many hydrotreating applications. 




Porocel has developed a patented catalyst rejuvenation technology that has consistently been proven to improve the activity of spent hydrotreating catalyst to over 95%, and in some cases over 100%, of that of the same fresh catalyst.  Conventional regeneration of hydrotreating catalysts can restore much of the catalytic activity, but in many cases a higher level of activity recovery is required.  Porocel’s ExcelSM rejuvenation technology takes regeneration to the next level, allowing refiners to transform their spent catalyst into almost new catalyst at 50-65% the cost of fresh catalyst.  The process can be performed on most hydrotreating catalysts that are relatively free of catalyst poisons (e.g., silicon, arsenic, and vanadium) and have been gravity dumped.  Porocel thoroughly evaluates the spent catalyst to predict the impact of regeneration and rejuvenation.  Pilot plant activity testing can also be performed to confirm these predictions.  Regenerated and ExcelSM rejuvenated catalysts, which can also be layered with fresh catalyst if desired, are also available in Porocel’s pool of resale catalysts.  Porocel’s experienced technical service staff can work with refiners to define hydroprocessing solutions that offer optimal performance at a significant cost savings compared to fresh catalyst. 

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