Porocel’s actiCAT® catalyst presulfurization service has been used by refiners for over 20 years. This service offers a very cost-effective and facile means of sulfiding catalysts used in hydroprocessing and Claus tail gas applications.

actiCAT® presulfurized catalyst arrives at the customer site in a partially sulfided state, with additional, chemically bonded sulfur uniformly distributed throughout the catalyst pore structure.

The total amount of sulfur added to the catalyst exceeds the stoichiometric sulfur requirement, thus ensuring that a sufficient supply of sulfur is readily available for completion of sulfiding without reliance on feedstock sulfur or sulfiding agents.

Conversion of the remaining oxidic metals to metal sulfides is fast and easy, basically involving heat-up under either gas or liquid phase operation, described generically for hydrotreaters by the following steps:


  1. Establish hydrogen flow through the catalyst bed at a temperature less than 200°F (95°C). Flow can be recycle or once-through.
  2. If performing a liquid phase activation, introduce hydrocarbon feed at ambient temperature or as soon as it can be fed depending on unit constraints.
  3. No catalyst dry-out time is needed since actiCAT® catalyst is hydrophobic (will not absorb moisture).
  4. No pre-wet is necessary, although performing a pre-wet step is left to the customer’s discretion.
  5. Heat the reactor at any rate less than 100°F/hr (55°C/hr), with conformance to metallurgical requirements.
  6. In general, activation is complete once the catalyst bed reaches 600°F (315°C). The actual final temperature and hold time are typically specified by the catalyst manufacturer.


actiCAT® activation is simple and straightforward, offers start-up times competitive with fully sulfided catalysts and demonstrates significant time savings over conventional in-situ sulfiding, all at a competitive price.

Please contact the appropriate Porocel office for more information.