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Porocel Industries, LLC in Little Rock, Arkansas conforms with the ISO 9001:2008 standard


Porocel Industries, LLC in Little Rock, Arkansas has been assessed by Eagle Registrations Inc. and conforms with the ISO 9001:2008 standard.   All other manufacturing sites are also ISO certified. To view this information, more »

Porocel Opens New Catalyst Activity Testing Facility - PCTC


Pilot plant activity testing of hydrotreating catalyst is now available at the Porocel Catalyst Testing Center (PCTC). The tests can be customized to match your unit’s operating conditions and feedstock.   Click here... more »

Renewed interest in the unique capabilities of Activated Bauxite for Oil Regeneration


Driven by increased environmental awareness and the emergence of economically viable recycling processes, the recycling of spent oils is increasing. Interest in Activated Bauxite has increased dramatically for the final finishing or "polishing" step in the recycling of various oils... more »

New Adsorbents for the Purification of Olefin and other Hydrocarbon streams


Many catalysts and products are negatively impacted by trace contaminants. Lower catalytic activity or selectivity or lower quality products can result if these trace contaminants are not efficiently removed form the process streams. Our purification adsorbents remove contaminants to ensure the... more »

Porocel's adsorbents efficiently remove contaminants, providing the reliablity and quality your process and products demand.


purificationadsorbants_2pg.pdf more »

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