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Porocel Featured in PTQ Magazine 2018 Q3 Issue


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Porocel Little Rock Site Achieves ISO 9001:2015 Certification


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Porocel Announces Joint Venture Formation in China


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Porocel Featured in PTQ Magazine 2018 Catalysis Q&A


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Case Study: Prompt Start-up With Cracked Feed


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Porocel’s Tail Gas Treating Catalysts


Porocel’s Claus sulfur recovery and tail gas treating (e.g. hydrogenation type) catalysts are installed around the world, giving oil refineries and natural gas processing plants the capability to keep SO2 emissions low while maintaining high throughput. Recent developments have shown Porocel... more »

Porocel Featured in PTQ Magazine 2017 Catalysis Q&A


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Catalyst Recovery Europe: OHSAS 18001 Certified


Catalyst Recovery Europe: OHSAS 18001 certified April 2016 – Catalyst Recovery Europe obtained BS OHSAS 18001 certificate by demonstrating the effectiveness of its Health and Safety Management System.   CRE is now proud to display the triple certification (Quality, Environment and... more »

Case Study: Simplified Loading and Startup with actiCAT® Catalyst


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Porocel Excel® Rejuvenation Restores Regenerated HPC Activity to Near Fresh


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Porocel to Introduce New Excel℠ Rejuvenation Technology at the Global Refining & Petrochemicals Conference – New Delhi July 2015


 Porocel will give a presentation at the Global Refining & Petrochemicals Conference to be held in New Delhi, India, July 1-3. The presentation, titled “ExcelSM Rejuvenation restores hydrotreating catalyst activity to near fresh,” introduces Porocel’s new patented... more »

Porocel Presents Technical Paper At BRIMSTONE SULFUR SYMPOSIUM - Vienna, May 2015


Porocel was selected to present a technical paper at the renowned Brimstone sulfur conference to be held in Vienna, Austria, May 18-22. The paper, titled "Catalyst Bed Rules of Thumb and When to Break Them", highlights some aspects of SRU catalysis that must be taken into account for the... more »

Porocel Introduces Rocket Technology - Skid Mounted Activated Bauxite Units/Package for Oil Re-refineries


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Porocel 's actiCAT® Shield℠ Allows Immediate Startup of Cracked Feeds


(Houston, March 23, 2015) --- Porocel International, LLC, today introduced its actiCAT® ShieldSM catalyst pretreatment technology that presulfurizes and protects catalysts from the damaging effects of olefins and aromatics found in cracked feeds. "The actiCAT® ShieldSM process is... more »

Porocel Introduces Technology that Restores Spent Catalysts to Near Fresh


(Houston, March 19, 2015) ---Porocel International, LLC, today announced the commercialization of its patented ExcelSM rejuvenation process for restoring spent hydrotreating catalysts to near fresh activity. According to Peter Douvry, Porocel’s business development manager, the ExcelSM... more »

Catalyst Recovery Singapore Commissioned New Regeneration Belt


Catalyst Recovery Singapore Commissioned New Regeneration Belt unit to increase its capacity to serve AP Region more »

Porocel Now Offers Catalyst Services & Toll Manufacturing Services in Canada


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Porocel purchases Canadian catalyst plant and processing facility


Porocel of Canada, Ltd announces the acquisition of the Medicine Hat (Alberta) catalyst processing plant from Criterion Catalysts & Technologies Canada, Inc (“Criterion”).    Porocel of Canada, Ltd is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Porocel International, LLC... more »

Porocel opens new office in Shanghai, China


Effective December 1, 2013, Porocel announces a new office in Shanghai  to support our business growth in China.  The new office and staff expands Porocel’s global presence and supports our growth in the Chinese market for high quality adsorbents, catalysts and... more »

Catalyst Processing Expansion at Porocel/CRLA


Catalyst Processing Expansion at Porocel/CRLA     October, 2013 – (Lafayette, Louisiana and Houston, Texas)   Catalyst Recovery of Louisiana (CRLA), a subsidiary of Porocel International, LLC, completed the expansion of its Lafayette catalyst processing... more »

August 2013 - Porocel Expands Activated Alumina Capacity (Little Rock, AR)


Porocel Industries, LLC, already one of the world’s largest activated alumina manufacturing facilities, completed an expansion project in mid-2013.  The newly added capacity enhances Porocel’s position in the areas of purification adsorbents and desiccants, resulting in total... more »

Porocel opens new office to enhance business coverage for Middle East & Africa


Effective August 15, 2013, Porocel will open a new office Dubai to support our growing businesses in the Middle East and Africa.  This new office and staff enhances Porocel's global presence as a market leading provider of high quality adsorbents, catalysts and services and supports our... more »

Porocel introduces Maxcel 777 Titania Claus Catalyst


Porocel is pleased to announce Maxcel 777 Titania Claus Catalyst as the latest addition to the Claus catalyst portfolio.  Maxcel 777, manufactured at our Little Rock, AR facility, is  a 90+%, 3.5 mm extrudate providing high conversion of COS to H2S. Please refer to the... more »

Price Increase Announcement - CRLA Services


Price Increase Announcement   Effective Mar 11, 2013, Porocel’s list price for regeneration services will increase approximately 12%.  This action applies to services performed at our CRLA plant in Lafayette, LA and is driven by higher regeneration costs associated with keeping on... more »

Porocel proudly sponsors BP MS-150 cycling team


Porocel is very pleased to sponsor an employee team for the 2013 BP MS 150 ride from Houston to Austin on April 20th / 21st.  The Porocel team primarily will consist of Porocel employees, friends and family members from the Houston office.   To donate, volunteer or participate... more »

Porocel and Rosneft to cooperate on new catalyst regeneration facility in Russia


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Porocel implements state-of-the-art technology to reduce Luxembourg plant emissions by nearly 100% - continuing the company’s superior, environmentally responsible growth.


The multi-million dollar facility improvement project will be complete/ commissioned in December of 2012 to reduce overall plant emissions by 100%, as well as increase the plant’s efficiency and capacity. Considerable cooperation and involvement between the Porocel/CRE project team and... more »

Catalyst Recovery Europe S.A. achieves ISO 9001:2008 Certification


Catalyst Recovery Europe S.A.  in Luxembourg has achieved ISO 9001:2008 certification. more »

Porocel and Inprocat Form Technology-driven FCC Catalysis Business through Joint Venture


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Porocel highlights CRLA site's 10+ years of exceptional environmental performance


Porocel highlights 10+ years of exceptional environmental performance at its Louisiana site.  Zero notices of violation or non-compliance, zero reportable spills or air releases and full compliance with RCRA Hazardous Waste requirements.  Materials shipped offsite comply with all 40 CFR... more »

Porocel Industries, LLC in Little Rock, Arkansas conforms with the ISO 9001:2008 standard


Porocel Industries, LLC in Little Rock, Arkansas has been assessed by Eagle Registrations Inc. and conforms with the ISO 9001:2008 standard.   All other manufacturing sites are also ISO certified. To view this information, more »

Porocel Opens New Catalyst Activity Testing Facility - PCTC


Pilot plant activity testing of hydrotreating catalyst is now available at the Porocel Catalyst Testing Center (PCTC). The tests can be customized to match your unit’s operating conditions and feedstock.   Click here... more »

Renewed interest in the unique capabilities of Activated Bauxite for Oil Regeneration


Driven by increased environmental awareness and the emergence of economically viable recycling processes, the recycling of spent oils is increasing. Interest in Activated Bauxite has increased dramatically for the final finishing or "polishing" step in the recycling of various oils... more »

New Adsorbents for the Purification of Olefin and other Hydrocarbon streams


Many catalysts and products are negatively impacted by trace contaminants. Lower catalytic activity or selectivity or lower quality products can result if these trace contaminants are not efficiently removed form the process streams. Our purification adsorbents remove contaminants to ensure the... more »

Porocel's adsorbents efficiently remove contaminants, providing the reliablity and quality your process and products demand.


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