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Porocel’s Tail Gas Treating Catalysts


Porocel’s Claus sulfur recovery and tail gas treating (e.g. hydrogenation type) catalysts are installed around the world, giving oil refineries and natural gas processing plants the capability to keep SO2 emissions low while maintaining high throughput. Recent developments have shown Porocel to be a front-runner in the sulfur recovery catalyst industry, providing a complete range of SRU & TGU catalysts. In fact, Porocel is the only sulfur recovery catalyst manufacturer who completes the four primary facets of tail gas catalyst manufacturing in-house: catalyst substrates production, finished (oxide) tail gas catalysts manufacturing, tail gas catalyst pre-activation, and take-back of spent catalysts.


In 2017 alone, Porocel’s Maxcel TGS-01 has been installed in multiple refineries and natural gas processing plants, ranging from 70 LTPD to 900+ LTPD sulfur production capacity. Each of these installations successfully meets their operating requirement to keep overall sulfur recovery efficiency >99.9%.




More information about Porocel’s range of sulfur recovery catalysts can be found at www.porocel.com.

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