Gulf Coast Storm Recovery

At Catalyst Recovery of Louisiana, we have a deep understanding of the potential complications brought on by devastating Gulf Coast weather. Our responsive team is located nearby and ready to help refiners respond to unexpected operating unit changeouts. If your facility urgently needs replacement catalysts, bed supports, catalyst presulfurization, or a home for spent catalysts, please contact us at (832) 688-9696.


Porocel Introduces Rocket Technology                                                                                   Learn more about why our new skid-mounted bauxite based polishing units are ideal for used oil re-refining  

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Porocel announces the commercialization of its patented ExcelSM
rejuvenation process for restoring spent hydrotreating catalysts to near fresh activity.

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actiCAT® ShieldSM catalyst pretreatment technology that presulfurizes and protects catalysts from the damaging effects of olefins and aromatics found in cracked feeds.

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