optiCAT Plus® is a major advance in hydrocarbon stripping. The process significantly reduces the amount of coke deposited during stripping, improving downstream regeneration. Reactive sulfur is also removed, improving temperature control and downstream belt regeneration. The process offers excellent heat transfer and temperature control. Afterwards, the moving belt provides a gentle heat soak to remove the remaining carbon and sulfur embedded deep within the catalyst or adsorbent pores. By minimizing the residence time in the fluidized bed and using it only where it's needed, particle attrition is minimized.


optiCAT Plus was specifically designed to handle oil-soaked catalyst, including catalyst unloaded using the CATnap process.



The benefits of the optiCAT Plus process are described in the December/January 1998/99 issue of Hydrocarbon Engineering and the Hart’s NPRA Q&A Show Special from October 8–10, 1997.


optiCAT Plus is currently installed in our Lafayette and Luxembourg plants