“Catalyst Recovery, Inc.” was founded by a group of Baltimore investors in 1974. This company pioneered ex-situ catalyst regeneration, providing manufacturers a more efficient, environmentally friendly alternative to in-situ regeneration. Shell Chemical purchased Catalyst Recovery in 1989, merged with Criterion Catalysts Company in 2000, and then divested these assets to Porocel in 2004.


Today, Porocel provides a full range of catalyst services from locations around the world.


By continually exploring and understanding customer needs, developing better technologies, and expanding and upgrading our state of the art facilities, we help our customers maximize the value of their catalyst and adsorbent investments.


Our catalyst services are designed to help refining, petrochemical, and gas processing plants get the most out of the catalysts and adsorbents. Our regeneration and resale services help customers reduce operating costs. Catalyst activity can be evaluated at the Porocel Catalyst Testing Center. We acquire spent hydroprocessing catalyst and process it for reuse or metal reclamation, helping our customers maximize the value of what might otherwise be a waste stream. Our actiCAT® presulfurization process can lead to quicker startups and virtually eliminates the risk of metals reduction. Our length grading technology offers an efficient, low cost solution to pressure drop problems, and our density grading technology maximizes the reuse potential of CCR catalyst.