Recommended Products:

Maxcel 727 - High performance activated alumina Claus catalyst
Maxcel 777 - Titania for superior COS and CS2 conversion 
Maxcel 740 - Promoted alumina for O2 conversion and sulfation guard
Maxcel SD-A - Activated alumina for sub-dew point processes
Maxcel TGS-01 - Spherical CoMo tail gas catalyst for low pressure drop

Maxcel TGS-02 - Low temperature tail gas hydrogenation catalyst

actiCAT® presulfurization

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41: Packaging, Storage and Loading of Claus Catalyst
42: Performance Testing of Maxcel 727
43: Sulfur Plant Startup and Shutdown Procedures
44: Thermodynamics of the Claus Process
45: Deactivation of Claus Catalyst
46: Sulsim® Sulfur Plant Simulator
47: Comparison of Claus Catalyst Loading Techniques
48: Measuring Claus Catalyst Activity Using Exotherms
49: Claus Catalyst Activity Management
50: TGU Startup and Shutdown

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