Increase profitability and manufacturing flexibility

Outsourcing some or all of your company’s manufacturing needs to an experienced third party can be an outstanding way to increase both short and long term profits. Among the situations in which this can be a particularly desirable strategy are:

• Lack of Equipment

• Inadequate Capacity

• Production Prioritization

• Security of Supply


Porocel offers a unique variety of toll processing and custom manufacturing capabilities that make us the ideal solution to many common contract manufacturing needs.



 The Value of Toll Processing


• No capital investment

• No additional personnel or floor space

• No new permits

• Quick turnaround

• Low, predictable costs


The Benefits of Working with Porocel


Commitment to Safety


Over 35 years of manufacturing experience; over 15 years in toll processing


 Porocel's high capacity and multiple operating units allow us to accommodate both large and small jobs


Porocel's processes can be customized to meet your specific needs


Pilot Plant

 Complete small scale catalyst manufacturing line, ideal for development work


Global Infrastructure

 Plants in North America, Europe, and Asia can potentially be used to meet your manufacturing needs. Now offering services in Alberta, Canada



Porocel has processes in place that ensure protection of your confidential technology


Short-term or long-term focus

Porocel can be your long term contract manufacturer, work with you short-term until you in stall capacity, or perform a one-time job for you

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