After material is unloaded from a unit, the attitude is often to send all spent material offsite as soon as possible. Using an offsite regenerator can reduce costs and limit potential liability associated with disposal.

At Porocel, we perform thorough chemical and physical analyses on each catalyst lot and segregate as much reusable catalyst as possible. Analyses can be performed on samples sent to Porocel and on samples taken from each bin once the material arrives onsite. Typical analyses include surface area, crush strength, particle size distribution, compacted bulk density, carbon and sulfur content, metals and more. The results, along with our recommendation on how to proceed, are typically available within one week. This allows our customers to make quick decisions concerning the fate of the spent material.

After analysis, we can separate each job into multiple tiers based on its quality, and pay our customers accordingly—thereby maximizing reuse and overall value. We can acquire the entire lot, regardless of its quality, eliminating the need to ship catalyst to multiple vendors.