Established in 1937 as a joint venture between Atlantic Richfield and Standard Oil of New Jersey, Porocel was later acquired by the Attapulgas Clay Company and then Engelhard in 1967. In 1996, a group of independent investors purchased Porocel—and Porocel’s primary business transformed from activated bauxites to activated alumina, adsorbents, catalyst supports and toll services. In 2004, Porocel acquired Criterion Catalyst’s global catalyst services businesses. Porocel further broadened its offerings in 2009 with the acquisition of a hydrotreating catalyst testing facility.


Today, we are a forerunner in the catalyst and refining industry because of expert customer care, a staff well-grounded in the alumina and catalyst industries, exceptional management and our pursuit of innovative products and comprehensive services.


We will continue to deliver advanced technologies and creative solutions to recycling catalyst and refining raw materials.



Porocel’s goal is to be the preferred supplier of adsorbents, catalyst products and services to the refining and chemical industries—with continued excellence in customer care. By operating with a global perspective and choosing strategic locations and all-encompassing services, we are positioned to meet our goal.