Just load, heat up and go –


actiCAT Shield technology saves refiners time and money by enabling immediate start-up on cracked feeds without reducing catalyst activity. This unique ex-situ catalyst pretreatment both presulfurizes the catalyst and protects it from the damaging effects of olefins and aromatics found in cracked feeds such as coker naphtha and light cycle oil.

Porocel actiCAT Shield technology offers all the convenience of our conventional actiCAT® presulfurization with added protection that enables the immediate introduction of cracked feeds. This helps avoid costly three-day straight run conditioning periods and any need to inventory straight run feed.



Start-up hydrotreating units on cracked feedstock



  • No delay in introducing cracked feeds
  • Full catalyst activity maintained
  • No dry-out step
  • No temperature holds
  • No need to start-up on straight run feed
  • No odorous sulfiding agents
  • Optimal sulfiding of the active metals



  • Applies a temporary carbonaceous layer that penetrates the catalyst pores, protecting the active sites
  • Moderates catalyst hyperactivity to protect against rapid deactivation associated with the early introduction of high olefin/aromatic cracked feed (coker/LCO) components
  • Same loading and heat up requirements as conventional actiCAT technology


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