Porocel is committed to full compliance with the United States Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA). The FCPA makes it unlawful for any American company or person acting on its behalf to influence or attempt to influence foreign officials by offering, promising or giving them anything of value in order to obtain, retain or influence business treatment. “Anything of value” includes cash, cash equivalents, gifts, promises, favors, travel, meals, entertainment, use of vehicles, use of accommodations or any other valuable favor or promises. No minimum value is required.


“Foreign officials” include elected or appointed personnel, employees or persons acting for or on behalf of a government whether local, national, administrative, legislative, judicial or executive, or an agency, instrumentality or enterprise performing a government function including members and candidates of a foreign political party. Normal business lunches/dinners with employees of nationally owned companies is, however, an acceptable practice. Payments for routine administrative tasks are permissible payments. Examples of these routine administrative tasks include: obtaining licenses and permits; provision of common governmental services, such as telephone service, police protection, utilities, cargo services, and commodity protection. Porocel has a global footprint and an international reputation for excellence and integrity which will not compromised by any corrupt practice.