actiCAT® presulfurization

NEW:  actiCAT Shield® presulfurization protects catalyst from the damaging effects of olefins and aromatics found in cracked feeds. 


Since 1991 when CRI introduced its breakthrough ex-situ presulfurizing process, Porocel has applied the actiCAT presulfurization process to over 300 million pounds of catalyst. The advantages of this state-of-the-art presulfurizing process are significant: faster and easier startups, full catalyst activity and selectivity, and affordability.



To activate catalyst, refiners simply heat the reactor to start-of-run temperature in the presence of hydrogen. We eliminate handling of toxic sulfurizing chemicals and the need to use temporary pumping stations. Compared to in-situ sulfurizing, average time saving is 18 hours.



actiCAT presulfurization proves robust in commercial startups where process upsets and channeling are common (situations which can compromise final catalyst activity and selectivity). A large number of commercial catalysts have been tested and qualified for actiCAT processing, and actiCAT presulfurized catalysts have been used in a wide range of applications including nickel selective hydrogenation catalyst (pygas) and tail gas treating catalyst.



actiCAT presulfurization's convenience and quick startup time makes cost justification a snap compared to slower in-situ sulfiding. At a fraction of the cost of fully sulfided catalyst, actiCAT  presulfurization is the clear economic favorite for the majority of scenarios and applications.

Porocel operates actiCAT manufacturing facilities in Louisiana, Canada, Luxembourg and Singapore.