Processing of acid gas compounds in coke oven gas is commonly coupled to a modified Claus sulfur recovery unit. For these applications, Porocel offers our complete range of sulfur recovery catalysts in addition to our specialty HCN conversion catalyst, HCN-100. With HCN-100, HCN conversion is achieved in a separate reaction vessel, downstream of the vacuum carbonate or amine treating process, but upstream of the SRU reaction furnace. Typically, two HCN reactors are installed in parallel so that one may be on-line while the other is in standby mode.


HCN-100 is a promoted alumina catalyst which facilitates the conversion of HCN via the following reactions.

HCN + 2 H2S + 1/2 O2 → CS2 + H2O + NH3

HCN + H2O → NH3 +CO


Recommended Products:

  • HCN-100 – Promoted alumina catalyst for HCN conversion
  • Maxcel 727 - High performance activated alumina Claus catalyst
  • Maxcel 777 - Titania for superior COS and CS2 conversion
  • Maxcel 740 - Promoted alumina for O2 conversion and sulfation guard
  • Maxcel SD-A - Activated alumina for sub-dew point processes
  • Maxcel TGS-01 - Spherical CoMo tail gas catalyst for low pressure drop
  • Maxcel TGS-02 - Low temperature tail gas hydrogenation catalyst
  • actiCAT® presulfurization


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